26th International Conference on Applications of Computer Algebra


The ACA Scientific Committee has approved the sessions listed below (note: the session list has been approved for ACA2020 which has been postponed due to covid-19). The aim and scope of each session are available on their respective websites (once these become available). For submitting an abstract of a talk to the respective ACA session please use the available LaTeX template.

Special Sessions (to be confirmed; listed information will be updated)

S1. Algebraic Geometry from an Algorithmic Point of View (updated)
- Organizers: Cristina Bertone and Francesca Cioffi

S2. Hybrid Symbolic-Numeric Computation (updated)
- Organizers: Robert M. Corless, Mark Giesbrecht, George Labahn and Leili Rafiee Sevyeri

S3. Computational Differential and Difference Algebra and its Applications (updated)
- Organizers: Roberto La Scala, Alexander Levin and Daniel Robertz

S4. Effective Ideal Theory in Commutative and non-Commutative Rings and its Applications (updated)
- Organizers: Michela Ceria, André Leroy and Teo Mora

S5. Computer Algebra Modeling in Science and Engineering (updated)
- Organizers: Alexander Prokopenya and Haiduke Sarafian

S6. Symbolic Computation MMXX
- Organizers: Dongming Wang and Bruno Buchberger

S7. Computer Algebra in Coding Theory and Cryptography (CACT) (updated)
- Organizers: Edgar Martinez-Moro and Irene Marquez-Corbella

S8. Computer Algebra for Geometry and Combinatorics (updated)
- Organizers: Anton Betten and Fatma Karaoglu

S9. Machine Learning and Computer Algebra (updated)
- Organizers: Zafeirakis Zafeirakopoulos

S10. Polytopes - Algebra - Computation (PAC) (updated)
- Organizers: Gizem Sungu and Zafeirakis Zafeirakopoulos

S11. Computer Algebra in Education (updated)
- Organizers: Michel Beaudin, Michael Wester, Alkis Akritas, Noah Dana-Picard, José Luis Galán García and Elena Varbanova

S12. Algebraic and Algorithmic Aspects of Differential and Integral Operators Session (AADIOS) (updated)
- Organizers: Moulay Barkatou, Thomas Cluzeau, Clemens Raab and Georg Regensburger

S13. Algorithmic Combinatorics (updated)
- Organizers: Hao Du, Christoph Koutschan and Ali Uncu

S14. Algorithms for Polynomial System Solving and their Applications (updated)
- Organizers: Ryoya Fukasaku, Yosuke Sato and Tateaki Sasaki

S15. Symbolic and Exact Linear Algebra over Rings and Fields (updated)
- Organizers: Mark Giesbrecht, Armin Jamshidpey and Eric Schost

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